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Data Migration

Data migration

is the process of transferring data between storage types, formats, or computer systems. Data migration is usually performed programmatically to achieve anautomated migration, freeing up human resources from tedious tasks. It is required when organizations or individuals change computer systems or upgrade to new systems, or when systems merge (such as when the organizations that use them undergo a merger or takeover).



We use combinations of software for data migrations. In general we use combination of MS Excel, MS SQL Server and Scribe Software. For very simple data migration we also use the OOTB of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Our Approaches

The approach of data migration is similar to our project approaches. We use the following phases:

  1. Analyse:
    In the analyze phase we assess the all data, define data sources, owners, quality and determine if enrichment is necessary.
  2. Design
    In the design phase we define planning, data migration approach e.g. basic + delta vs one time migration, data cleansing (optional), data enrichment (optional), data (re)modelling (optional) and data mapping
  3. Build
    In this phase we starting to build migration files, coding and define data migration template and/or mappings files/
  4. Test
    The testing is very crucial to data migration. We use it to establish how long production run will take, check data mapping, check if all required data has been migrated
  5. Test Run(s)
    A test run is often a full set of time migrated to test system and final check before production migration
  6. Rework
    In the rework phase we make the final adjustment before the production run
  7. Production Run
    The production run is in most cased fully automated and we follow the process from start to end.
  8. After Care
    In every migration an limited amount of records will fail, mostly less then 5%. We log those record, correct them if necessary and migrate them manually if needed.